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Measurement advantages and installation guidance of electromagnetic flowmeter

the current use of electromagnetic flowmeter can be described as mutually significant. In most cases, it is used for the flow measurement of conductive liquid or uniform liquid-solid two-phase medium. It can measure all kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, salt, ammonia, mud, pulp, pulp and other media. The installation direction can be vertical, horizontal or inclined. When installing vertically, the liquid must be from bottom to top

for liquid-solid two-phase media, it is best to install vertically. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the flow rate is 0.3-lom/s. when it is installed on the horizontal pipe, the liquid should be filled in the pipe section, and the use of plastic in the transmitter should be increased by 210 times, and the electrode is on the same horizontal plane; Length of straight pipe section: no less than 5D upstream; Downstream not less than 3D or as required by the manufacturer

electromagnetic flowmeter:

1. The flowmeter, the measured medium and the process pipeline should be connected into equipotential and grounded

2. When installing on the vertical process pipe, the flow direction of the measured medium should be from bottom to top. When installing on the horizontal and inclined process pipe, the two measuring electrodes should not be directly above and below the process pipe

3. When the diameter is greater than 300mm, there should be a special support

4. When there is a strong magnetic field around, anti-interference measures should be taken

let me introduce the operation steps of electromagnetic flowmeter:

1 Open the valves and fill the pipe with fluid

2 Excluding the leakage point, the status of the new energy industry of residual gas in the system continues to improve

3 Power on, power on and preheat

4 Close the valve and fill the sensor with static liquid

5 Check and adjust the zero point of the converter

6 Reopen the valve to reach 100% flow and check whether the output is normal and stable. (end)

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