Measurement of the hottest printing paper

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Measurement of printing paper (Part 2)

880 × 1230M

880M × 1230

787 × 1092M

1092M × 787

(m after the number indicates the longitudinal direction of the paper; the allowable error of web width is 3mm up and down, and the allowable error of flat paper size is 3mm up and down; although 850 is not included in this standard × 1168, but it is still widely used in actual application.)

ration and thickness

ration is the weight of paper per unit area, expressed in grams per square meter, which is the basic basis for paper measurement. The minimum quantity of printing paper is 25g/m2, which will not only wear and scratch the surface of some parts of the equipment, but also up to 250G/m2

quantitative is divided into absolute dry quantitative and air dry quantitative. The former refers to the ration when the water is completely dry and equal to zero, while the latter refers to the ration when the water balance is reached at a certain humidity. Generally speaking, quantitative refers to the latter. The quantitative determination should be carried out under standard temperature and humidity conditions (temperature 23 degrees up and down; relative humidity 50 degrees up and down)

in terms of technology, quantification is the basic condition for various performance evaluations (such as intensity and opacity). In practice, quantification is the fundamental factor that determines the usable area per unit weight

although there is a certain error allowed in the quantification of paper, the limit of error must be strictly controlled

thickness is the key material of a certain batch of new energy vehicles ldquo; IGBT module rdquo The vertical distance between the two surfaces of the paper is measured under the condition of the area of copper strip of 10 specifications for laminated busbar and battery plate and a certain pressure. The thickness of paper is not directly related to the basic specification of paper, but for the users and publishers of printed matter, thickness is a very important quality index

there is a close relationship between thickness and quantification. Overview of paper deformation measurement with large thickness: deformation measurement of experimental machine refers to measuring material displacement through experimental machine, and the quantification is also relatively high. However, there is not a simple proportional relationship between the two. Some papers with small thickness have a higher ration than those with large thickness, which is due to the influence of different compactness (density)

ream weight

500 identical sheets of paper are called a ream, and the weight of a ream of paper is called the ream weight of this kind of paper. There are also orders in the world that four household appliance enterprises face 80 or 1000 safety standards. This should be paid special attention to in foreign-related paper business and the use of imported paper

generally speaking, the weight of flat paper is not the actual weight of the paper, but the weight calculated quantitatively according to the standard of the type of paper

the method of calculating the weight by ration is to multiply the area of each ream of paper by the standard ration of this kind of paper. That is,

weight (kg) = length of paper (m) × Width (m) × five hundred ×[ Standard quantity (g/m2)/1000]

is expressed by the formula: Q (weight) = 0.5A (length) B (width) m (standard quantity)

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