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How can enterprises in the new era of LED lighting not be eliminated

in the new era of LED lighting, both HRE traditional lighting brands and new LED brands are facing huge market competition pressure. How to remain invincible in the market reshuffle and not be eliminated by the fast-growing market is a problem worth pondering by every enterprise

in fact, looking at the eliminated enterprises, you will find that the reasons for their bankruptcy are surprisingly similar: first, the quality and delivery date of the enterprises often fail to meet the requirements of customers, and the production orders are gradually reduced; Second, they do not pay attention to talent training, have a low awareness of learning, and lack the ability to innovate. The mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong also hopes that the Legislative Council can pass the universal suffrage bill; Third, the technology and management level of the enterprise are backward, and the business ideas have remained unchanged for more than 20 years, not keeping pace with the times

then, how can enterprises not be eliminated

first, enterprises should ensure quality and quantity. Quality and quantity are not only the important competitiveness of an enterprise, but also the two conditions that customers attach most importance to. If the quality related annual work plan, work dynamics, annual self inspection report, etc. are not delivered in time, it will reduce the return rate of customers, and the quantity is not satisfied, which will also lead to the loss of customers. Therefore, led enterprises should pay attention to quality and quantity, so as to ensure quality and quantity

secondly, enterprises should pay attention to talent training. Many enterprises think that the staff mobility is large and the labor cost increases, but they do not pay attention to the cultivation of talents. They just regard it as a labor-intensive industry and rely on low-cost labor to maintain their operations. In fact, talents are an important factor affecting the development of enterprises, and talents will bring new possibilities to enterprises

thirdly, we should pay attention to the utilization of new technologies and the development of new products. As the saying goes, "technology is the primary productive force", mastering the core technology, we will master the economic artery. This sentence is also applicable in the LED industry. If enterprises want to survive and grow, they should have superior grounding installation and long-term development, they must constantly develop new products and do creative work

finally, actively transform and upgrade and change the business model. With the development of Internet, the business model is also changing, and the business philosophy and market development mode of LED lighting companies should also be changed. The development of "o2o mode" is an example, and e-commerce mode is increasingly favored by enterprises

no matter what industry it is, it is always in the fierce market competition. In such an economic environment, once enterprises are satisfied with the status quo and stop, they will inevitably retreat. In order not to be eliminated, we have to face the challenge bravely

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