How can the latest generation of good hope intelli

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How can the new generation of hopefuls' intelligent video storage offset 3 with 1

in the era of digital twin intelligence, front-end camera holographic perception produces massive data. Four questions: how can intelligent video storage be simplified and extremely intelligent

video data is generally retained for 30 days at present. How can value videos be preserved for a longer time

a new generation of intelligent video storage,

let 1tb= 3TB, from 30 days to 90 days

please look forward to March 29

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disk failure, machine room power failure, loss of wood blocks on the data extraction table? Record the maximum load

on March 29,

expect a tumbler in trouble,

make the data as solid as a rock, without fear of downtime

are situational intelligent applications constrained

single scene multi algorithm analysis, high construction cost

a new generation of intelligent video storage,

four in one fully structured algorithm, making 1tops= 2tops sure that the tension machine is running normally

please look forward to March 29

multi intelligent application and multi system, overwhelmed

data isolation, unable to connect

on March 29,

look forward to an intelligent video storage with universal adaptation after years of development

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