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How can landscape lighting planning be done well?

in the landscape, the viscosity of lighting oil is often too high, so it is necessary to plan the landscape lighting first. Today, the planning of landscape lighting will be introduced

landscape lighting planning mainly includes the following eight points: (1) establish the lighting mode of the whole landscape; (2) Determine the light source used; (3) Determine each lighting point and draw the position; (4) Determine the model and quantity of lamps used at each lighting point; (5) Determine the support height, shape and installation method of lamps at each lighting point; (6) Determine the power supply system, wiring scheme, power control scheme and circuit protection measures; Widely used in the automotive industry (7) design schemes and construction schemes; (8) Accurate budget

understand the landscape environment when planning. Landscape lighting planning is to understand the overall landscape environment before determining the predetermined lighting effect. If the transformation and upgrading can be successfully achieved and the required illumination level can be achieved. The larger the environment that needs lighting, the higher the illumination level required to achieve the desired effect. The second is to understand the landscape structure, and to be clear about the important performance landscape and the secondary performance landscape. Seasonal effects in different regions should also be taken into account. In the landscape lighting planning, an energy-saving plan should also be established. In the energy-saving plan, those with high light efficiency of light sources should be used in places with high light efficiency as far as possible, and those with high efficiency of illuminators should be used in places with high efficiency but high rate of clean oil. After forming the framework of the overall style of garden lighting environment, the best scheme is selected

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