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How can enterprises achieve the "double 11" state of high profitability throughout the year

uncle Ma Yun's "double 11" has reached a new height this year. The annual "double 11" can be said to be a feast for e-commerce, with overwhelming publicity, red envelopes, coupons, star platforms and other marketing means all deployed during this period. We see that sales are rising to a new level every year. As an important participant in this feast - the seller, what have we got in this global marketing Drama: staying up late, excited, stocking, buying traffic, clearing inventory. On the one hand, we expect a huge amount of exposure, on the other hand, we don't want to overstock inventory and low profits. The final question is, Can a "double 11" be the backbone of an enterprise's annual sales task? If so, how can enterprises maintain such a state throughout the year

the "double 11" to be discussed in this article has a broader concept. For example, most of the machinery and equipment industries focus on the biannual exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair. Next, we will discuss whether the enterprise can improve its profitability through a large-scale marketing and promotional activities, and how to achieve the state of double 11 throughout the year:

the positive effect of double 11

the first is the huge exposure, which can bring five times and ten times the traffic during this period. If the enterprise remains highly active from the early planning to the whole process of the activity, It can be said that it can make a brand popular all at once. For example, many pure e-commerce brands do not have physical stores, but often a double 11 can create a network brand. For example, Top1 Inman, a women's wear category in 2013, is a pure e-commerce brand. Of course, this year they also began to build offline physical stores. The same is true for industry exhibitions. A large exhibition may have a large audience of W, so the exposure brought by an exhibition is also very objective. After all, visitors at the exhibition should be more accurate in user positioning

therefore, on the whole, the traffic brought by a large-scale marketing activity to the enterprise can peak in a short time. How to make good use of this traffic, or how to use the high exposure of the brand to improve profits, is the key point that enterprises need to pay attention to

the negative effects of double 11

correspond to the high traffic mentioned above, and there are also many negative effects. It mainly includes the following aspects:

1. High cost

here is mainly the increase of traffic cost. According to statistics, the traffic cost during the double 11 is 10 times or even higher than usual. Almost every business will participate in the well-known promotional activities such as seckill and store price reduction. As everyone said, all activities are participated in. If the promotion is done well, you can always see water spray. But on the contrary, high flow does not mean high return, and the final result may be loss, which can be said to be blood flow

2. Inventory clearing

a promotion will have a higher sales estimate, so it is necessary to prepare a higher inventory in advance. On the one hand, it will increase the inventory cost and occupy the working capital of the enterprise. On the other hand, if the final trading volume brought by the promotion is not as high as expected, businesses will face the problem of subsequent inventory clearing. Not to mention the requirements of Taobao platform's double 11 for merchants to 1.5 times the inventory

3. Staff fatigue

during the double 11, it can be said that from the afternoon of the 10th to the early morning of the 11th, almost all store customer service will stay up late and work continuously for more than 12 hours. From technical inspectors to customer service, and even the early planning, including the rapid order and delivery in the later period, it can be said that everyone is fighting for sales with their lives

4. Low profit

one of the core reasons for the high traffic during the double 11 is low price and promotion. Therefore, for merchants, although the traffic of this activity is very high, it is not necessarily high profit. On the contrary, the standard of most merchants is to try not to lose money

how to achieve the high profitability of the double 11 all year round

for enterprises, participating in the double 11 is not just Adidas adopting BASF's brand-new foam microspheres infinergytm to develop revolutionary running shoes with excellent elasticity and shock absorption characteristics. Energy boost in order to bring blood flow, the experimental parameters are on the right, and the ultimate goal of some enterprises is to make profits. How to make good use of each double 11, Achieving profit improvement is the king way. An activity will bring infinite pressure to the whole team, and the uncontrollability of the final contract also brings uncertainty to the team performance

if we can maintain high traffic and transactions at ordinary times, the performance pressure of the sales team can be effectively dispersed. Fanzhijun, general manager of Suning in Shanghai, mentioned that we hope to integrate all the key factors of quality consumption into industrial issues, online and offline issues, logistics issues, and customer experience issues to improve the double 11. According to the data of Huimei (Inman), if we can catch more users in the three months of August, September and October, we can bring about 40% of the old users on the day of double 11

in fact, it is relatively easy to split the target items in the enterprise sales activities, mainly including the early drainage problems (customer acquisition), the order chasing link in the process, and the old customer maintenance link after signing the contract. As long as we effectively grasp each link in the above customer life cycle, we can keep the enterprise in the state of high traffic and high profitability of the double 11

strong guarantee of sales tools

based on the above conclusion, if an enterprise wants to be in the high profit state of the "double 11" all year round, it only needs to effectively grasp all links of the customer life cycle. Once the problem is found, the next step is implementation. Here we can achieve twice the result with half the effort with the help of powerful sales tools. Here we recommend a CRM software, xtools CRM software. The customer life cycle theory proposed in the latest plus version coincides with the conclusion of our above analysis

support page and social customer acquisition. Different from the simple customer acquisition form, the advantage is that it can make full use of people's social resources, and each customer acquisition clue can carry its own person tag, which can greatly enhance everyone's enthusiasm for diffusion. This function can provide strong help in increasing traffic and greatly reduce the cost of getting customers

pre sales merchandising

the biggest obstacle to merchandising is the transformation of signing orders. Xtoolscrm plus version provides merchandising tools for three different sales models in this link: quick signing of Sany customers, large order follow-up sales opportunities and collaborative merchandising project management. No matter what type of enterprise, you can find a useful tool to improve the conversion rate of signing, and fully improve the conversion from clues to signing

in sales contract execution

contract management in the signing process. In xtools, there are also detailed contract order management, accounts receivable reminder and other detailed functions. If it is a transaction of physical products, there is also a detailed purchase, sale and inventory management. A CRM can realize the management of purchase, sale and inventory at the same time, which should be the first manufacturer in the CRM industry to realize such detailed functions

after sales service

the full purchase and word-of-mouth management of old customers have also been incisively and vividly managed in xtools CRM. For example, SFA function can automatically track and manage signed customers, which greatly improves customer satisfaction. On the one hand, this function can improve the repeated purchase of old customers, on the other hand, it is conducive to word-of-mouth marketing, In terms of customer acquisition, it is also true that the dispersion of wear on the friction surface and the change of part size caused by wear have increased at a low cost

written at the end

when the enterprise set the goal of "double 11" to try not to lose money, it has automatically given up this profit increase. Therefore, we mainly focus on how to use sales tools to enable enterprises to achieve the state of "double 11" all year round, and the state of "double 11" with high profits! If you are still troubled by the problems mentioned in the article, you can try to experience the plus version of xtools CRM () to feel the high profitability of the whole year

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