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Machine tool plants are decreasing. How can workers be treated well

] recently, the author published an article entitled "why should we call on the machine tool industry to raise workers' wages?" Based on the reality of the machine tool industry, the article suggests that machine tool enterprises improve the treatment of workers, so as to ensure the stability of employees in the industry and promote the development of machine tool technology

after the article was sent out, many enthusiastic readers left messages, and one of them attracted the author's attention. He said that now many factories are closed, and it is unrealistic to call for workers' wages to be raised under such circumstances. After careful thinking, the author wrote this article, hoping to give some help to friends who have the same confusion about this problem

this problem can be understood from two aspects: on the one hand, machine tool enterprises are decreasing, and behind this reduction is the helplessness of enterprises that are difficult to operate. How can an enterprise that cannot operate continue to improve the treatment of workers; On the other hand, the reduction of enterprises leads to excess personnel and fierce competition among labor forces. In this case, enterprises dominate the distribution, and workers are difficult to get high wages. Next, the author will start from these two aspects and make a simple analysis

the first aspect is complex to explain and needs to be analyzed from multiple perspectives. First of all, are machine tool enterprises decreasing? In terms of the overall development trend of the industry, this is the case. Even the eighteen Lohan machine tool plant, which was once famous, has experienced merger and reorganization. However, we should note that the existing enterprises are still very large. The sample is supported on two blades. As of November 2016, there were 5752 Enterprises above Designated Size in the domestic industry, which is still a massive structure. Therefore, on the whole, there are not many machine tool enterprises, and the demand for labor is still huge

secondly, there are indeed reasons behind the closure of enterprises, such as poor operation, except for conventional ferrite, FeSiAl materials and products, and precious metal slurry preparation technology. Consider whether this phenomenon is an example or a common phenomenon. According to the industry statistics last year, the total profit of China's machine tool industry increased by 192.6% year-on-year, of which the total profit of machine tools increased by 579.7% year-on-year. At present, what the industry needs is to transform to a modern machine tool development mode of specialization, precision, specialty and excellence. In this process, a number of enterprises will surely fall. But on the whole, the fallen enterprises are mostly those with low technology level, small scale and problems in their own operation. On the whole, the development of the industry is generally good. There is a demand for workers and a basis for improving workers' treatment

finally, and most importantly, the wages of workers are not unilaterally determined by enterprises, but are the result of many factors such as policies, regional economy and the overall development level of the industry. Whether individual enterprises operate well or not is not directly related to whether the whole industry should improve treatment. The call to raise workers' wages is based on the general aspects of the industry

the second aspect is the reduction of enterprises and the surplus of labor in the industry, so the treatment of workers cannot be improved. As for this problem, it was also mentioned above that at present, China's machine tool enterprises are large-scale, and there will be no reduction in demand in a short time. On the contrary, due to technological progress, the demand for advanced productivity has increased, and some enterprises are in short supply of staff in some positions. The reason why there is a sense of surplus labor and difficult to improve the treatment of workers is that the current labor structure does not meet the needs of enterprises. Its mechanical structure and hydraulic loading principle determine its loading speed, which is caused by too much low-end labor. With the development of machine tool industry, there is not only a demand for workers, but also more requirements. This requires workers to constantly improve their work skills to meet the new requirements of the post. At present, due to the long-standing treatment habits of the industry known as the yield point or physical yield strength and the development of the enterprise itself, some down-to-earth, hardworking, capable and skilled workers in the industry have not received the treatment they deserve. The result is the continuous loss of outstanding talents in the industry, and young people are unwilling to set foot in the machine tool industry. This is not conducive to the development of the industry, and it is also the original intention of the author to write an article calling on the industry to improve the treatment of workers

at present, the machine tool industry has the obligation to improve the treatment of workers and create a better working environment for them. Proceeding from the reality, if the industry wants to develop and the technology needs to progress, it also needs to pay more resources to cultivate and retain workers. At this stage, the machine tool industry is facing transformation and upgrading, enterprise development is in a painful period, and the issue of workers' treatment is indeed sensitive. But the more it is, the more attention it needs from the state, society and enterprises. The author hopes that in the future, there will be more and more technical talents in our industry, and the treatment of workers will become better and better

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