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Nine marketing experiences of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows

nowadays, the sales mode of aluminum alloy doors and windows is the same for thousands of times, such as hiring spokesmen, participating in exhibitions, etc. Do high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows sell well? In addition to the quality, brand and after-sales service of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is more important to see the sales skills of salespersons. A competent salesperson of aluminum alloy doors and windows can increase the charm of products and stimulate customers' interest, including the pendulum to stimulate their desire to buy. Now let's talk about the sales experience of aluminum alloy doors and windows

experience 1: the status of door and window consultants is the most critical.

high end aluminum alloy doors and windows stand up through advertising, and circle cross-border activities promote people, but this is not the key. The key is the ability and status of aluminum alloy door and window consultants! Especially in the adverse market marketing, the confidence and rhetoric for high prices

experience 2: three heights of marketing

leading: high popularity, attention and discussion

second: good reputation, attractive products and services. People with a little money have an impulse to have it

third: sell in circles. High end aluminum alloy doors and windows are always owned by a few rich people. The more people who can't afford it, the more face the people who can afford it! What you sell is pure

experience 3: talk about culture with rich people

people who buy high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows are not short of money, not short of money. So how to communicate? What topics can arouse customers' interest? Talk about culture with rich people! Money does not necessarily have taste. Men can talk about financial investment, golf, car travel, wine and even beauty! Women can talk about beauty, luxury goods, jewelry, parent-child shopping, pets and even men! It is required that the sales consultants of aluminum alloy doors and windows should have experience, insight and taste

experience 4: face is very important

Why did Honda Benz enter China with a much larger logo? That is to cater to the face problem of Chinese people! For Chinese people who have just become rich, good face is the biggest psychological feature. "Wealth and honor do not return home, such as walking at night in brocade". Therefore, the elongation of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows should give customers face: 1. The decoration of the store must be better, and the image of the employees must be better. 2。 The on-site service should be respected. 3。 Praise the customer's vision and taste. 4。 Tell him which rich people have sold our products

experience 5 coarse rib is used for general connection; Fine tooth rib is often used in the connection and fine-tuning mechanism of small parts, thin-walled parts and dynamic loads: channel management must be fine

selling high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, and a large number of blind advertising activities are tantamount to cannons hitting mosquitoes. We must strengthen the fine management of media. Be sure to think clearly: where are the real customers? How to deliver information accurately and effectively? How to invite them to the scene? What is the biggest obstacle for customers to clinch a deal? Price? Products? How to formulate targeted statements? How to strengthen customers' purchase confidence? How to promote the transaction

experience 6: the rich also have classification

the rich are divided into three types: 1. Rich. Have you ever seen a person who is glittering with gold, gold labor, gold chain and gold ring? That's it. Those who are so poor that they only have money are mostly upstarts. 2。 expensive. Follow the trend and follow the famous brand, but don't understand the famous brand. The disguise is elegant and tasteful, but the connotation of words and deeds is insufficient, and the vanity is strong but superficial. 3。 Ya. Low key, reserved, elegant, polite, knowledgeable, well-known brands without publicity, the real rich

experience 7: what do you talk about with the rich

for the marketing of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, don't talk about doors and windows endlessly. The rich are not short of money. Besides, good doors and windows can be seen, and deception doesn't work, so there's no need to waste more words. The rich in China only care about three topics (of course, everyone cares): 1. How to maintain the continuous growth of wealth? 2。 How to keep yourself and your family healthy? 3。 How to educate the next generation—— Marketing should suit the remedy to the case and give it what it likes

experience 8: talk about money with cultural people

marketing of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows often involves many cross-border activities, such as Feng Shui lectures. Others include wine tasting, calligraphy and painting appreciation, health preservation and beauty, etc. experts and celebrities need to be invited to give a speech. The purpose of inviting these "cultural people" is to "talk about culture and life" with customers, and they need to seriously talk about money before they can reduce costs. To achieve the goal of pulling out a thousand jin in four Liang. Cross border marketing is the key to the marketing of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows

experience 9: good brand reputation is really good.

the more high-end aluminum alloy door and window brands, the more critical customer reputation is. 99% of the business may be introduced by regular customers. Good brand reputation is really good! Therefore, it must be: 1. Make good products. 2。 Do a good job of on-site display and service. 3。 Advertisements should establish a good image. 4。 Rather than spend money on advertising, it's better to spend money on maintaining regular customers. Move customers with care, patience, sincerity, and perseverance

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