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How can machine tools meet high-speed cutting

strive to complete and put into operation three 50000 ton berths and six 10000 ton berths in the first half of 2014

how can machine tools meet high-speed cutting can be roughly divided into the following requirements:

1 The mechanism design is suitable for high-speed operation

the machine tool with high-speed operation first requires that its mechanism has high rigidity and can absorb high-frequency vibration and high inertia g value to ensure high-speed cutting precision and stability. The spindle speed has reached a very high level, which requires that the high-speed spindle should have a good lubrication and cooling system and comply with the principle of short, light and thin. As one of the actuators of high-speed machining, the high-speed feed mechanism is required to meet the requirements of high feed. If the pressure is found to be insufficient for acceleration and deceleration, it must achieve high precision at the same time. Therefore, the servo motor and ball screw need no back clearance and the actual transmission of lossmotion phenomenon, in order to show the effect in high feed cutting; The design of ball screw mechanism should also ensure positioning accuracy and prevent thermal displacement error; The z-axis requires light weight, because the up and down response of the z-axis must be sensitive and free from interference. 5.7. Provide the shaking phenomenon of the hydraulic oil distributor, and at the same time, it needs a special electric control circuit design, so that the z-axis will not fall down even in the case of instantaneous power failure, causing damage to the tool insert. Mold processing is generally long-term processing, so the heat rise during long-term high-speed operation of the spindle frequency converter is easy to cause the aging of electronic parts. Therefore, the electric control box needs to adopt a closed air-conditioning system to ensure the service life and stability of the parts in the box and prevent the entry of oil stains

2. Excellent CNC control system

cnc numerical control system is the unit that sends position instructions, which requires that the instructions can be transmitted accurately and quickly. After processing, it sends position instructions to each coordinate axis, and the servo system must quickly drive the tool or workbench to move accurately according to the instructions. It requires that the program segment can be processed quickly, and its machining error can be controlled to a minimum, and so on. In the field of high-speed machining applications, Siemens 840D and fanuc18imb are the most representative

3. Tool holders and tools suitable for high-speed operation

tools for high-speed cutting, especially high-speed rotating tools, require better quality and performance of tools and tool holders from the aspects of ensuring machining accuracy and operating safety. For cutting tools, it is better that the slenderness ratio is less than 10 times. SABIC believes that there are tungsten carbide tools, CBN tools and titanium plated tungsten carbide tools. For the tool handle, its dynamic balance is required to be less than 2.5G, and HSK, BBT (btf-b) and some special tool handles can well meet the above requirements

4. Professional cad/cam software

professional cad/cam software requires a precise path calculation method, which can not only accurately meet the accuracy requirements of 3dprofile, but also reduce the discharge process, and even meet the surface quality requirements without polishing. It must be able to produce a good cutting path, make the cutting quantity stable, not only improve the machining efficiency, but also prolong the tool life and save the tool cost. Due to the diversity of design software, it needs to have good file transfer compatibility with other software, and it can easily accept the files transferred by other software without distortion. Even if there is a small hole or segment difference, it can be quickly repaired in the built-in 2D and 3dcad, so as to hold the loopholes for users and grasp the timeliness

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