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How can Tu enterprise e-commerce do without hurting offline sellers and consumers

how can Tu enterprise e-commerce do without hurting offline sellers and consumers

February 11, 2015

[China paint information] in the Internet era, if your enterprise has not done e-commerce, it seems to be really backward. This problem is a big problem for many enterprises. Whether to do it or not, and how to avoid the conflict between E-commerce and offline? How not to hurt offline channels and customers are the two major issues that our enterprises need to consider when doing e-commerce. The author starts with a real case he saw

enterprise a is a fast-growing health care product enterprise. Since its establishment in 2012, the enterprise has entered the chain drugstores and began to sell. In the first half of 2013, it has established an e-commerce department and gradually laid out e-commerce channels such as Taobao, tmall,, etc

by the end of 2014, the sales of enterprises in the pharmaceutical chain channel exceeded 100 million, but the sales in the e-commerce channel were less than 800000 a year, and the accumulated losses of enterprises in the e-commerce channel were nearly 1million. The most interesting thing is that when an old subordinate of the author needed to cooperate with him in standardized TV shopping, everything was settled, and the author's friend began to investigate the offline chain drugstores and online e-commerce channels, However, two problems were found:

1. The same product specification is just a change of packaging, which is nearly 50% cheaper online than offline, but the factory name is an enterprise

2. Some offline chain drugstores have not focused on their products because they are too cheap online, worrying about hurting customers and harming the chain itself

so the author's friend decided to give up, because TV shopping can't give consumers a reasonable explanation

afterwards, the boss of enterprise a felt very sorry that he not only lost tens of millions of markets, but also lost a free advertising campaign. At this time, coupled with the complaints of some chain drugstore bosses, the Enterprise boldly made adjustments with the help of the author

1. Focus on the sales of offline chain pharmacies, which account for 99% of sales

2. The electronic universal experimental machine of e-commerce industry is selected as the driving system department for large-scale adjustment, which uses the full digital communication servo speed regulation system and servo electromechanical system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable function. It is changed from sales to display the corporate image and cooperate with offline sales. The price adjustment is the same as offline, the promotion is the same as offline, and the personnel is adjusted from 8 to 2 for daily maintenance and sales

after this adjustment, the confidence of offline chain drugstores has greatly increased. The prepayment of enterprise chain drugstores exceeded 24million yuan in December, and the online sales were less than 100000 yuan, but online also began to make profits

in 2015, the enterprise planned a minimum sales price of 200 million, mainly chain stores, supplemented by other channels. At present, there is no conflict between enterprise e-commerce and offline. I believe that with the establishment of offline brands, online sales will also increase

Mencius said: fish, what I want, bear's paw, what I want; You can't have both. It's the one who gives up the fish and takes the bear's paw. In fact, it is to tell everyone to learn to grasp the main contradiction in any business

therefore, the author believes that in the Internet era, it is impossible for any enterprise not to do e-commerce, but to make the right choice according to the actual situation of enterprise resources. Enterprises may have three channel modes to choose from

1. Offline physical retail channels are the main, supplemented by e-commerce

2. E-commerce channels are dominant, supplemented by offline physical stores

3. E-commerce keeps pace with physical stores

however, no matter which model you want to expand, you must consider that your price system is not harmful to buyers, that is, online and offline are just a matter of how convenient it is to buy, rather than a matter of great differences in benefits with the increase of stress and temperature. Have confidence in the sellers to earn stable interests for a long time, that is, the price system is relatively stable

it is fundamental not to hurt customers, and the key is not to hurt the interests of sellers. As long as these two key points are grasped, offline channels and e-commerce channels can develop harmoniously and continuously promote the development of enterprises

finally, author Meng Qingliang shares another important point: not all customers are the consumers you want to serve, not all distributors are your sellers. Enterprises must seize the main consumers and sellers. When enterprises are weak, it is particularly important to enter the new market when developing new products

in addition, service-oriented products can be slightly different from physical products in terms of design. Service-oriented products can learn from the practices of enterprises such as seven days, and the unified discount of yuan for orders on and off, while physical products can be exactly the same online and offline, or you can charge n yuan for mailing online, because you just add a convenient way to shop. Remember tiantiao, we should mobilize the harmonious development of online and offline, All channel customers must be open, fair and just, and any seller who launches a price war must be killed

the above just talks about some principles. Many of them still need to be slightly adjusted according to the actual situation of products and enterprises. In the Internet era, that is, the pump that takes lubricant samples; A strong magnet that magnetizes and deposits wear particles; Only an open, fair and just enterprise can be loved by more consumers and sellers, and the enterprise can sell continuously

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