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How can enterprises use CRM system to obtain greater return on investment

with the advent of informatization, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more intense. The competition system with customers as the core has long been deeply rooted in the enterprise. A series of new marketing strategies such as maximizing potential customers, consolidating existing customers to achieve multiple sales of materials, and anti-corrosion sales of cutting fluid are also springing up. After many enterprises use CRM, salespersons are more handy in following up customers. However, how to use CRM system to obtain greater return on investment and truly move towards the practical sunshine road

from the preliminary communication with customers before sales to the humanistic care for customers after sales, every link reflects the ability of enterprises to serve customers. As the best practice tool of customer relationship management system, Yike CRM has helped many enterprises improve their customer service ability, and is being recognized and selected by more enterprises. It provides enterprises with perfect customer service functions, from pre-sales to after-sales, step by step, and comprehensively records the bits and pieces of potential customers or customers, so that enterprises have special adsorption functions and other characteristics to continuously improve customer service and improve the transaction probability of business opportunities

in terms of time and efficiency, the lack of understanding of customers has a huge impact on the return on investment (ROI) of enterprises. Just think about it. If the enterprise can't find the right information for its customers or contact a customer with little cooperation opportunities with great efforts, a large part of the reason is that there are too many projects launched in the past. Does this cost a lot of human, financial and material resources affect the return on investment of the enterprise

using Yike CRM can improve the return on investment in varying degrees from the following aspects:

1 Quickly and accurately understand customer information. In the face of the different needs and preferences of many customers, due to the amount of information, it is easy for the brain to remember clearly, it is easy to lose records in paper books, and it is too cumbersome to sort them out in Excel, which is enough to make the salesperson dizzy. The customer management system of Yike CRM brings good news to the salesperson. The customer information entered in the system can facilitate the rapid screening and query in the future, improve the work efficiency, and help to improve the return on investment

2. Save customers' time and indirectly improve the return on investment of the enterprise. Time is money, which is a law that no enterprise denies. As a supplier, we should always think for customers and serve customers in time, which will help to win a good reputation and bring re sales. If customers' time is wasted because they cannot quickly query an order or list, in the long run, the enterprise will become infamous and lose customers

3. Quickly make customized reports. Enterprises that pay attention to data analysis need reports from all departments. Can you easily generate a report that each salesperson has sold ACR foaming processing aids 5.0~8.0 with two clicks of the mouse? With the billion customer relationship management system, you can create the report data you want for any module, saving more working time

4. Prevent repeated marketing and remind businesses to hit orders. A large enterprise has many salespersons, but this may happen: salesperson a tries to get an order from a customer, but the reality is that the customer placed an order with salesperson B the day before yesterday. If you were that customer, would you still be willing to cooperate with an enterprise with such poor internal staff communication and communication again? When the salesperson establishes the customer information for the first time, Yike CRM can remind him to hit the order, avoid repeated marketing, save the sales cost, and increase the return on investment at the same time

5. Humanistic care and establish long-term cooperative relations. Mutual benefit, win-win results and sustainable development are not only the national economic strategy, but also the concept that every enterprise should learn. Yike CRM system can send holiday greetings, birthday greetings or warm tips to designated customers by sending SMS or email at a specific time. In this way, establishing a harmonious cooperative relationship with customers will undoubtedly have a great impact on your enterprise profits

the more your product meets the needs of customers, the more business you have with potential customers. However, if you don't understand the needs of different customers and can't improve customer satisfaction, your enterprise can't successfully open the marketing road. Only by doing a good job in communicating with customers and maintaining the long-term cooperative relationship between enterprises and customers, can you provide your products and services to them in a timely manner, obtain new revenue and see the real ROI

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