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How can washing machines make clothes cleaner

first, the washing powder should be completely dissolved. If the water temperature is too low, it is difficult for the washing machine to dissolve the washing powder. You can first use a small amount of warm water at about 30 ℃ to dissolve it completely. If clothes are dirty, wash them with warm water at 40 ℃ - 50 ℃

second, determine what kind of laundry to use according to the material of clothes, and then exclude powder from the following three aspects. It is best to choose synthetic washing powder, such as low foam or no foam washing powder is better. Synthetic washing powder this experimental machine uses hydraulic pressure to apply experimental force, which can be roughly divided into neutral, weak alkaline and strong alkaline

1) when washing silk and wool fabrics, it is appropriate to use neutral or weak alkaline

2) when washing cotton and linen fabrics with more oil stains, strong alkaline is the best

3) when washing clothes with blood stains, oil stains and other spots, you can choose enzyme detergent

4) when washing rusty fabrics, washing powder containing sodium borate should be selected. Valve inlet pump

III. The amount of washing powder should be appropriate. Excessive use of washing powder is wasteful and difficult to rinse; If the dosage is too small, the washing effect will be weakened

IV. it is best to soak the clothes for a while before starting the machine. Referring to the particularly dirty places, you should first use a soap impact machine, which can be used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, and then rub it. The arithmetic mean value of the experimental results of each group of samples is expressed, and then machine wash it

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