More than 2000 bookstores in Italy went bankrupt i

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More than 2000 bookstores in Italy have closed down in the past five years. The cultural industry is facing crisis. Release date: Source: if there is a scratch, use a fine oilstone to polish the country at the same time.

recently, Paul Ambrosini, chairman of the Italian bookseller's Association, said that in the past five years, about 2300 bookstores in Italy have been closed, which means that the Italian cultural industry is entering an unprecedented period of crisis

it is reported that in the summer of 2019, the Italian national Senate abolished a bill to promote the development of reading and books. The stranding of the bill will undoubtedly make Italy's already depressed cultural industry market even more unable to recover. In this regard, all walks of life in Italy expressed strong dissatisfaction and severely criticized

it is reported that in recent years, influenced and impacted by the development of Internet, many bookstores and book and magazine kiosks in Italy have generally suffered from poor business, and many large bookstores have been forced to close down without financial support

it is reported that famous libraries and book chain stores with historical imprints, such as Milani Guarda hospital library, PAOLINO Library in lagusa, Sicily, Paris Commune Library in Turin, Pecola eletrica bookstore and traveller bookstore, have closed in 2019

in the past five years, there have been hundreds of bookstores in the capital Rome alone, which have been forced to close due to difficulties in operation. During this period, the lafatrinelli international bookstore in Rome, known as the cornerstone of the Italian cultural block, also disappeared due to its closure

it is reported that Quzhou Yuanli's scrap purchase will be reduced by 20 yuan/ton in order to ensure and further reduce fuel consumption; In the cultural industry market where the purchase price of Yongda scrap steel in Wuzhou, Guangxi fell by 10 yuan/ton, at the initiative of the Italian cultural industry personages, in the first half of 2019, the Italian national house of Representatives revised the act on promoting the development of reading and books, which proposed to increase the discount of paper books by 5% to 15% and reduce the tax rate of cultural goods, so as to support the normal operation of the book and magazine culture market and reduce people's cultural consumption expenditure. However, the bill was eventually rejected by the Senate

Ambrosini said that the Italian cultural industry is suffering an unprecedented impact, and culture is the spiritual support for the development of a country and nation. He called on the government and parliament to strengthen the legislative work of the cultural industry and give necessary support to the cultural industry in terms of policies, so as to maintain the healthy development of the cultural market and protect the people's demand for cultural goods

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