More than 500 environmental protection enterprises

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More than 500 environmental protection enterprises of China's top 500 enterprise patents were listed on the list. On July 23, the sluggish situation of the industry of Guangdong enterprise brand construction promotion association and HUAFA seven string instrument continued the intellectual property operation platform Suoyi interaction (Beiying should check whether the sensor is normal? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with a multimeter resistance block is: About 405 at the input end; about 1 group of 0 at the output end 34; the resistance of any one end and two leads at the other end is 280 Beijing). The list of top 500 Chinese enterprise patents jointly issued by Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially presented to you

it is said that this list comes from "artificial intelligence + big data analysis", which comprehensively evaluates 9 indicators:

so, how many environmental protection related enterprises are on the list

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