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Amazing! After 2000, college students inherited more than 8000 pieces of intangible cultural heritage origami works and carved thousands of worlds. Release date: Source: Yangcheng Evening News

a square piece of paper can change thousands of worlds in his hands without cutting or cutting. Behind this exquisite skill is the painstaking and assiduous study. It is the unremitting persistence for decades that people still do not forget their original intentions after being questioned. He is liujianghui, a 2020 undergraduate majoring in environmental design in the school of design, South China University of technology

origami 13 years, more than 8000 works

Liu Jianghui's childhood world is built by origami. In the first grade of primary school, liujianghui's father took him to the library. He stayed in front of handmade books and did not want to leave. After making his first handmade work, he became fascinated with this art. 5. Press the test button, hammer the sample, and write down the impact of energy after the pendulum stopped swinging. "When other children are busy playing games and watching cartoons, I hold three origami classics and can't put it down." Liujianghui said

since 2008, liujianghui has created more than 8000 origami works. Kirin, Dragon God, Bahamut, spirit, BMW... Without the guidance of teachers and professional equipment, he has been accompanied by origami for 13 years with his interests and hobbies. Later, he published his origami works on his personal social media, and received praise from Japanese origami masters such as bomura Zhuo Lang, youze Youhe and tujingyuan

origami has to go through three steps: threading, polymerization and shaping. The seemingly simple six words are actually not an easy task, but they are extremely complex. It requires the creator to have extraordinary patience and perseverance, not arrogant and impetuous. Dragon God, which is often used under heavy load, is called "the most complex origami work in the world" by origami enthusiasts. It needs to divide the paper into 96 equal parts, then fold 1400 scales one by one, and finally present the final work through polymerization and shaping

in order to make a Dragon God, liujianghui spent an average of more than 6 hours a day in the summer vacation of senior two, and it took nearly half a month to complete his creation. The 1400 scales on the Dragon God took 10 days

inheriting intangible cultural heritage techniques and enjoying "lonely creation"

Liu Jianghui was doubted on the road of persisting in hobbies. "When I was in junior high school, my parents were afraid that origami would delay my studies, and once opposed it." For a long time, he had to learn secretly behind his parents' backs. However, there were many supportive voices along the way: the affirmation of junior high school English teachers, the support of senior high school principals, head teachers and teachers, the encouragement of studio principals, and even strangers who just stopped in front of his works to enjoy them gave him the motivation to go on. "For me, origami is not a three minute fever, but a persistence day after day." Liujianghui said

he believed that his origami experience from childhood had trained his observation ability, hands-on ability and aesthetic ability, and cultivated his core quality. Liujianghui said: "if I plan to fold an animal, I will first understand the medical anatomy and observe the appearance characteristics. These have greatly expanded my knowledge." In addition, more and more people say no to the United States in international affairs, which has also shaped his character - steady, meticulous and observant. He believes that "loneliness is the driving force of creation", so he is also happy to enjoy loneliness and listen to his inner voice

when he entered the University, liujianghui majored in environmental design. He thought that origami could also help his professional study. "Origami is a whole art with very low fault tolerance. A good origami work needs full marks at every step, and every edge and corner needs to be accurately aligned." Therefore, the precision consciousness cultivated by origami makes him keep a rigorous and meticulous attitude in his professional study

after 13 years of origami, liujianghui felt that more people should feel the charm of origami. He actively shared the art of origami in classes and colleges and taught his experience and experience of origami. In the future, liujianghui wants to integrate origami art into modern design and continue on the road of design and artistic creation

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