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More than 80% of the mechanization level Anhui accelerates the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment industry

Zhong'an and Zhong'an clients press the fast forward button for Anhui agricultural mechanization. The provincial government recently issued the implementation opinions of the people's Government of Anhui Province on accelerating the promotion of agricultural mechanization and the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), requiring that the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest next year should reach more than 80%

the opinions put forward that it is necessary to accelerate the improvement of the scientific and technological innovation ability of the agricultural machinery equipment industry, highlight the brand advantages of key agricultural machinery products in our province, optimize the structure of agricultural machinery equipment, improve the access and operating conditions of agricultural machinery, expand the socialized service field of agricultural machinery, and improve the use efficiency of agricultural machinery. By 2020, the total power of agricultural machinery in the province will exceed 68million kW, and the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest will reach more than 80%. By 2025, the total power of agricultural machinery in the province will exceed 72million kW, and the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest will reach more than 83%

specifically, we should aim at the demand of Rural Revitalization Strategy for agricultural mechanization, further increase the leading role of high-performance Machinery Research (5) in key links of grain production, such as plant protection and drying, and solve the problem of "no good machine"; In combination with the adjustment of agricultural structure, we will further increase the research and development of machinery in weak links, such as facility agriculture, comprehensive utilization of straw, resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, and promote the all-round development of agricultural mechanization; Further increase the research and development of applicable machinery in Hilly and mountainous areas to solve the problem of unbalanced regional development. We should continue to implement the central subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, gradually expand the area, increase the category and raise the standard, and focus on increasing the subsidies for irrigation and drainage, plant protection, drying, comprehensive utilization of straw, resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, facility agriculture, Jinan experimental machine main body and dynamometer installation that do not need special foundation and processing of special products, so as to meet the purchase needs of different groups

to this end, the opinions defines the tasks and measures in six aspects: first, accelerate the high-quality development of the agricultural machinery equipment industry by improving the innovation system of agricultural machinery equipment, promoting the coordinated development of the whole industrial chain of agricultural machinery equipment, optimizing the industrial structure layout of agricultural machinery equipment, and strengthening the quality reliability construction of agricultural machinery equipment; Second, efforts were made to promote the full mechanization of major crop production by accelerating the completion of the short board of full mechanized production and building an efficient mechanized production system; Third, by strengthening the demonstration and popularization of green and efficient new machines and new technologies, accelerating the application of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery and equipment urgently needed, and improving the popularization ability of agricultural mechanization technology, actively promote advanced and applicable agricultural machinery and equipment and mechanization technology; Fourth, we will vigorously develop socialized services for agricultural machinery through the implementation of the upgrading project of socialized services for agricultural machinery, and increase support for socialized services for agricultural machinery; Fifth, improve the basic conditions of agricultural machinery operation continuously by improving the access and operation conditions of agricultural machinery and strengthening the construction of supporting facilities for agricultural machinery operation; Sixth, strengthen the training of agricultural machinery talents by improving the training system of new agricultural engineering talents, strengthening the construction of agricultural mechanization teams and the training of practical talents

the opinions emphasizes that all localities should take accelerating the promotion of agricultural mechanization and the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment industry as an important part of implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy and promoting agricultural and rural modernization, and include them in the regional economic and social development planning and agenda. We should fully respect the wishes of farmers, rely on market forces and farmers' creativity, and make orderly progress according to local conditions. (pengyili)


Zhong'an and Zhong'an client news on April 16 learned from the Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office that Anhui Province has deeply implemented the two projects of patent quality improvement and trademark brand strategy, and made efforts to promote the transformation of intellectual property creation from multiple to excellent, from large to strong, and from rough to fine. In 2018, the province applied for 108782 invention patents, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%, ranking the fifth in China. At present, the province's intellectual property work firmly occupies the first place in the country and the leading position in the central and western regions

last year, the province applied for more than 100000 invention patents

it is reported that in 2018, the province applied for 108782 invention patents, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%, ranking the fifth in China; 14846 invention patents were authorized, with a year-on-year increase of 19.3%, ranking the seventh in China; It has 61475 effective invention patents, a year-on-year increase of 28.8%, ranking the seventh in China

2018, the number of newly applied trademarks in the province exceeded 200000 for the first time, reaching 201100, and the number of newly added trademarks exceeded 100000 for the first time, reaching 140500, and the number of effective registered trademarks exceeded 400000, reaching 436800, ranking the 11th in China. There are 192 new applications for international registration of Madrid trademarks, ranking the eighth in China and the first in central and Western China for two consecutive years. 27 geographical indication trademarks were added, bringing the total number to 144, ranking the 10th in China

issued the implementation plan for carrying out the consolidation and improvement of full coverage of rural e-commerce and strengthening the registration and brand building of rural e-commerce trademarks, and guided 2019 registered trademarks of rural e-commerce. 296 trademarks have been included in the protection of well-known trademarks in the province, and the overall strength and influence of trademarks and brands have been significantly improved. The number of patents owned by 10000 people in the province reached 983, and the number of registered trademarks owned by 10000 market entities reached 981

carry out special actions for law enforcement and rights protection, investigate and deal with 2615 patent cases

Anhui Province firmly establishes the concept of law enforcement for the people, adheres to the implementation of strict intellectual property protection system as an important starting point for creating a good business environment, and continuously increases the intensity, breadth and depth of cracking down on illegal acts of infringing intellectual property rights. Last year, it organized and carried out special actions to enforce and protect the rights of "escort", "doubles", "thunder" and "Qingfeng", and investigated and dealt with 2615 patent cases, including 1181 patent disputes and 1434 counterfeit patent cases, an increase of 17.3% over the previous year

846 advisory opinions on patent enforcement and infringement judgment in the field of e-commerce were issued, an increase of 19.3% over the previous year. Thousands of infringing e-commerce links were disconnected, effectively ensuring the legitimate interests of the patentee

the special action of "tracing back" against trademark infringement was carried out in depth, and 3693 cases of trademark infringement and counterfeiting were investigated and dealt with, including 1798 cases of well-known trademark infringement, 252 cases of trademark infringement of foreign-invested enterprises, 1109 cases of trademark infringement of food, drug and health care products, and 1678 cases of trademark infringement in rural markets. The case value of infringing and counterfeit goods seized was 2005 million yuan, and the amount of fines and confiscations was 16.16 million yuan

106 manufacturing and processing dens for trademark infringement and counterfeit products were destroyed, 24 cases were transferred to judicial organs, and well-known brand enterprises were supported to make economic claims against infringing enterprises. Last year, only Anhui Gujing gongjiu Co., Ltd. made an infringement claim of 10.23 million yuan. For many years in a row, the State Intellectual Property Office praised Anhui for its special action to combat trademark infringement

the province has four national intellectual property demonstration cities

Anhui pays attention to strengthening the construction of provincial professional trademark brand bases and promoting industrial agglomeration, scale and branding. The province has 4 national intellectual property demonstration cities, 17 national intellectual property strong county project demonstration counties (districts), 16 pilot counties (districts), 1 national traditional intellectual property protection demonstration county and 2 pilot counties, facilitating the majority of pendulum impact tester users to learn and use 1 National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park and 6 pilot parks, 29 provincial intellectual property demonstration parks, 46 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises There are 206 advantageous enterprises, more than 200 provincial-level intellectual property advantageous enterprises, and more than 500 enterprises "implementing the standard" of the enterprise intellectual property management standard. 116 professional trademark and brand bases have been identified

there are 769 patent engineers in the province.

in terms of strengthening the construction of intellectual property talent system, Anhui gives full play to the role of intellectual property training base of China University of science and technology, and cultivates and brings up an intellectual property talent team whose scale, structure and level meet the needs of intellectual property development and can basically meet the economic and social development of Anhui Province

the province now has 769 patent engineers, more than 800 qualified patent agents, more than 300 licensed patent agents, more than 5000 enterprise patent liaison officers, and 104 intellectual property management specialists in universities and scientific research institutes

at the same time, our province pays attention to strengthening the construction of enterprise standardization. In 2018, 59 industry standards were approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and 38 provincial standardization demonstration enterprises were newly identified. We issued the action plan of Anhui Province for improving the quality standards of manufacturing industry and launched a special action to improve the standards of hundreds of cities, thousands of industries and thousands of enterprises. Actively innovate the form of intellectual property operation. Anhui intellectual property trading center was established to build a Jianghuai intellectual property docking trading platform. The three industrial intellectual property alliances of nutrition and health industry, textile and clothing industry and power battery industry were newly established, and major patent achievement transformation projects were organized and implemented. It cooperated with Anhui Guoyuan Trust Co., Ltd., Hefei high tech Zone Management Committee and Hefei high tech Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. to carry out the pilot of intellectual property trust transactions, raising 20million yuan in the first phase, and Anhui Province took the lead in achieving a new breakthrough in the intellectual property financing model. (Wang Qiao)

(Huang Youyi)

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