More than 400 most popular enterprises settled in

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More than 400 enterprises settled in the emerging financial leasing center of the free trade zone

400 enterprises settled in the emerging financial leasing center of the free trade zone

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone welcomed the settlement of central enterprises on the 12th: China Communications Construction Group initiated the establishment of China Communications Construction Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. So far, the number of financial leasing enterprises in the free trade zone has increased to more than 400, with a registered capital of more than 30billion yuan

the author understands that cultivating the function of financial leasing will become an important part of the strategic goal of the reform of Shanghai free trade zone. Market participants believe that in the future, the free trade zone will become a hub for international financial leasing and promote the "bridgehead" of financial internationalization

more than 400 financial leasing enterprises settled in

12, CCCC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Group, settled in the free trade zone. According to the announcement of the listed company, the largest construction enterprise in China, together with its subsidiaries Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry, Zhonghe property and CCCC international, has initiated a financial leasing enterprise with a registered capital of 5billion yuan. The company has become one of the financial leasing enterprises with the largest registered capital in the free trade zone

previously, a number of central enterprises and banks went to the region to engage in financial leasing. By the end of May, the number of financial leasing enterprises in the free trade zone had reached 419, including 111 parent companies and 308 special purpose companies. Their business covers large equipment such as aircraft, helicopters, ships and offshore drilling. Bank of communications, Bank of Shanghai, etc. have announced their involvement in financial leasing business in the region

"since it was launched for more than 8 months, the pilot free trade zone has comprehensively promoted the reform of the investment management system. On the whole, it has a good start and operates in an orderly manner." Wangxinling, deputy secretary of the leading Party group of the administrative committee of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, said that innovating financial service entities and cultivating financial leasing functions will be an important part of realizing the strategic objectives of the reform of the free trade zone

as a new financing tool, financial leasing service is in the ascendant in China. Liuqitao, chairman and President of China Communications Construction Group, said that the main function of central enterprises involved in financial leasing is to promote the integration of industrial capital and financial capital. For example, from the perspective of industry, the traditional engineering equipment has high purchase cost and long idle period after the construction period. The two-way needs of use and financing can be met through financial leasing, which greatly reduces the enterprise cost

in combination with enterprise demand and cross-border financing docking

last September, the State Council issued the overall plan for China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, which allows and supports various interface leasing companies with research findings that hydrolysis will expand surface defects and affect fiber and matrix to set up project subsidiaries in the free trade zone and carry out domestic and foreign leasing services, so as to deepen the pilot of international trade settlement center and promote trade transformation and upgrading

at present, the aggregation effect of financial leasing in the free trade zone has initially appeared: at present, the financial leasing enterprises in the free trade zone have a number of favorable reforms in terms of minimum registered capital limit and concurrently handling commercial factoring business. In fact, in the A-share market, since the second half of last year, listed companies involved in financial leasing have experienced several rounds of gains

under the background of overcapacity in the manufacturing industry and great financing difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises, "rent before buy" and less one-time investment, financial leasing has become an important sales method for domestic major equipment, automobile and ship manufacturers. "Financial leasing plays a positive role in helping small and medium-sized enterprises quickly obtain the required equipment and reducing the financial pressure of one-time payment." Said zhangshudong, deputy inspector of the Circulation Industry Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce

in the second half of last year, a leasing company in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone leased a Boeing 737 aircraft to HNA's freight airlines in the form of financial leasing. At this time, the Yangtze River Express Company, which needs to carry out equipment overhaul in time, operates. "In addition, the use of offshore RMB to reduce financing costs is also a substantial benefit for the development of financial leasing in the free trade zone." Fujunyuan, CFO of CCCC, said that the comprehensive cost of financial leasing in the free trade zone is expected to be further reduced

domestic financial leasing business is expected to double

by the end of May, the financial leasing property right trading platform of Shanghai free trade zone has been officially launched. According to the Research Report of Guotai Junan Securities, China's leasing business is expected to increase from the current 1.55 trillion yuan to 3trillion yuan in 2015. In particular, thanks to the preferential policies of the free trade zone, the leasing business volume of aircraft and other equipment is expected to be greatly improved

liuwensheng, chairman of CCCC Jianrong Leasing Co., Ltd., believes that, on the one hand, the reform of financial leasing in the free trade zone is obviously beneficial. On the other hand, Shanghai can rely on the fact that they are no longer simple equipment manufacturing platforms such as ordinary bottles, films and tires, as well as rich financial leasing talents. "The establishment of the free trade zone provides a new platform for enterprises to develop financial leasing business."

market participants believe that financial leasing companies are intensively settled in the free trade zone, which also shows that from the export of manufactured products to service trade, the free trade zone is different from the traditional bonded zone

"among the top ten construction enterprises in the global top 500, most of the actual profits come from franchising. However, Chinese enterprises have a strong ability to manufacture products, and the real weakness lies in financing. On the one hand, banks can't find projects, and they don't trust projects. On the other hand, many enterprises have no money in the market, and what they lack is investors." Fujunyuan said

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