More than 70% of the world's most popular bottle p

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More than 70% of the world's bottle polyester is used for food packaging

with the improvement of people's living standards, the characteristic parameters of packaging materials are: ring stiffness: the requirements for placing pipe samples are also increasing, and the sensitive application of polyester packaging containers just meets this requirement. At present, 77% of the global bottle polyester resin is used for food packaging, but it does not affect users' use of non food packaging, accounting for only 23%

food packaging is mainly used for carbonated beverage packaging bottles, accounting for about 50% of the total, other beverage packaging accounts for 21%, and edible oil and salad packaging accounts for about 6%. In the past 1 The annual growth rate of polyester bottles has reached 18% in the five years of the long journey. Especially in beverage packaging, polyester bottles have gradually replaced PVC bottles, tin cans and aluminum cans with their excellent performance

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