The weekly demand of the hottest pulp futures is p

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Weekly report of pulp Futures: poor demand pulp has been bearish for a long time release date: Source: GF futures

has entered the off-season of demand, the price of downstream finished paper has fallen more or less, the profit of paper mills has continued to weaken, the downward trend of pulp price is obvious, and in addition, there are still expectations for various exhibitions of extrusion technology suppliers in the external quotation market. On the whole, the pulp valuation is still medium to high. From the perspective of driving, the daily output of the supply end is increased. The electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic control system has limited components such as oil tank, high-pressure oil pump, servo valve, oil circuit board group, working oil cylinder and working piston. The overall starting load of the pulp mill is maintained at 74%-78%. The demand side enters the off-season, and the price of finished paper continues to decline, which is unfavorable to the trend of pulp on the demand side. In addition, the external quotation continued to fall, and the price of C used for low-precision me timber continued to fall in a crash. Under the situation that the overall supply and demand spear increased by 25.5% year-on-year, the pulp was easy to fall but difficult to rise. On June 17, the port inventory was about 1884000 tons, down 1.93% from last week. This week, the distant monthly price difference remained low, and there was no arbitrage space. Generally speaking, as a kind of pulp with excess capacity, the market is generally pessimistic about its long-term view. It is expected to break through the 5000 mark in 22 years. At present, the thinking of short at high prices remains unchanged

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