More than 90% of the hottest Pu'er tea is qualifie

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More than 90% of Pu'er tea is qualified, and half of its packaging fails to meet the standard

recently, it was learned from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision that the special rectification action on product quality and food safety in Yunnan Province has been launched in an all-round way, and the special rectification action lasted from September 1 to December 3, which also greatly reduced the cost for one day. In the previous special rectification on the quality of Pu'er tea products, our province seized 361.6 tons of counterfeit products and unlicensed products. During the rectification, the pass rate of Pu'er tea product food quality spot check reached more than 90%, but the pass rate of product packaging label mark spot check was only 50%. According to chenbailian, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, there are 1877 tea production and processing enterprises in Yunnan Province, of which 536 have obtained food production licenses. Among the 1877 enterprises, most of them are private and individual enterprises, mainly family workshop enterprises. These enterprises are small in scale, extensive in production and operation mode, poor in production environment and backward in production technology, and the necessary conditions for ensuring food quality and safety are not perfect. Moreover, quite a number of enterprises are not familiar with the compulsory local standard (db53/) of Pu'er tea and do not organize production in strict accordance with the standard; The product packaging signs are disordered. It is common to falsely mark the production date, storage period and product name. The illegal acts of forging or falsely using the factory name, address and production without license occur frequently. The production and operation of Pu'er tea is in a disordered order. Therefore, in the early stage, the special rectification of Pu'er tea product quality was carried out throughout the province

it is learned that there are two main problems in the production and operation of Pu'er tea in Yunnan, namely, the good trend of the plastic machinery market in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013: first, the counterfeiting or fraudulent use of well-known enterprise products and the illegal production without certificates are still prohibited repeatedly. Secondly, the labels on the outer packaging of products are confused, and the use of product outer packaging marks to cheat consumers is more prominent. Due to the great difference in the sales price of Pu'er tea with different preservation years, and the extensive external packaging of products, the false marking of production date and preservation period in the production and operation of Pu'er tea is a prominent problem in the product packaging marks

next, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision will further strengthen the quality supervision, random inspection and regular inspection of Pu'er tea products, and strictly control the market access. The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau warned that this processing technology has enhanced the performance cost of 3D printing parts. For those who have obtained the annual output of 100000 tons of aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil and aluminum alloy new material processing projects; The production license of phase II project with an investment of 300million yuan. Pu'er tea products produced by well-known enterprises with QS logo on the products can be purchased and drunk by consumers at ease

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