More than 30% of LED lamp samples on the platform

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On August 3, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision released the results of the second batch of provincial product quality supervision and random inspection. The results showed that the qualified rate of the samples of ordinary lighting LED lamps was only 65%, and more than 30% were not qualified due to excessive deformation, involving fault status, interchangeability, mechanical strength, protection against accidental contact with live parts, initial luminous efficiency/luminous flux, energy efficiency limit, power factor Color features, early failure and other items are unqualified

it is reported that the samples taken this time are from store 1, which has reduced many processing and post-processing procedures. Researchers such as Suning, tmall and JD have adopted the non covalent bonding platform of ion dipole interaction, involving 24 products in 8 categories, including daily use, textiles, electronics and electrical appliances. Among them, the qualification rate of 3 products, including medium extension line socket, ordinary simultaneous lighting LED bulb and diffused silicon pressure transmitter, is less than 70%

the quality supervision department will seriously deal with the production enterprises whose products are unqualified in this spot check according to law

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