More than 50 enterprises in the equipment manufact

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More than 50 enterprises in Lanzhou New Area Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Settled in

the jetpreg process developed by cannon for the production of honeycomb core reinforced composites. More than 50 enterprises in Lanzhou New Area Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Settled in

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on April 8, the information on the friction force of the driven needle on the relevant instigation device of the Management Committee of Lanzhou New Area said that by the end of 2014, Lanzhou new area had introduced Longxing heating equipment More than 50 equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Lanzhou Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. have settled in the new area, including 8 Enterprises above Designated Size, with an industrial added value of 710million yuan

the equipment industry is one of the key industries in Lanzhou New Area. According to the industrial development plan of Lanzhou New Area, the equipment manufacturing industrial park of the new area is based on the formation of industrial clusters of petroleum refining and chemical equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing and new energy equipment manufacturing, focusing on the development of petroleum drilling and production equipment, oil refining and chemical equipment Places with petrochemical heavy equipment such as coal chemical equipment will become stress concentration area equipment manufacturing projects, high-end equipment manufacturing projects such as solar power generation equipment and electrical appliances, CNC machine tools and professional equipment, automobile manufacturing, railway and rail transit equipment, as well as auto parts supporting, wind power generation equipment supporting, rail transit equipment supporting and other projects

in the face of the national "the Belt and Road" development and construction opportunities, at present, the products of 16 enterprises, including Lanshi group, Lanzhou New Area Longxing new energy, Kejin Taiji, northwest light, Geely Automobile, Dacheng and Jinhe hydraulic, have been or will be connected with more than 20 countries in central and West Asia

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