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Kitchen decoration, countertop material selection is very important, five kinds of countertop advantages and disadvantages competition, learn, you can use

in kitchen decoration, the selection of countertops is very important. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of five countertops. Learn it, and you can use it

comparison of advantages and disadvantages of five types of cabinet countertops


scope of use: it is suitable for use by the sink or breakfast table. The glass has good reflectivity and can be used in the small kitchen to achieve the visual effect of expanding the space

style: in a modern kitchen, lighting equipment can be installed under the glass countertop to create a distinctive atmosphere

maintenance: the glass table can magnify the water stains and stains left during daily operation, so it needs to be wiped frequently to avoid ugly water stains. The glass is very hygienic. Wiping with glass cleaner can achieve twice the result with half the effort and keep it bright

seal: not required

durability: toughened glass must be used next to the stove to increase strength

flexibility: the glass can be cut at will, which is suitable for the parts around the sink or stove that need to be perforated

special note: it is not recommended to use glass for all countertops. The use of a small area can create a dazzling effect. The thickness of the glass should be at least 15 mm

natural stone

scope of use: it can be used in any area of the kitchen, including the edge of the sink and around the stove. Granite with bright surface is mostly used in island kitchens. The density of natural stone is high, so it needs solid cabinet support. Although the texture is hard, it is not elastic enough. In case of heavy blow, cracks will occur, which is difficult to repair. Some invisible natural cracks will also rupture in case of sharp changes in temperature. Natural marble is too brittle to make a table with a length of more than 1 meter

style: natural stone is the choice of luxurious countertop materials, which will never be out of date. It is suitable for modern and traditional kitchens, and there are a variety of grinding surface effects to choose from

maintenance: natural stones are very easy to maintain. Wipe them with wet cloth and neutral detergent

sealing protection: sealing protection is required during the initial installation, and it will be done after 10 years of use next time

durability: stone is the best of all natural materials. It is high temperature resistant, waterproof and prevents the penetration of stains. However, liquids such as red wine and citric acid must be wiped off immediately if they drop on the natural stone table. Marble is very sensitive to acidic liquids

flexibility: with the progress of science and technology, natural stone can also be cut into any size and shape

special tips: the materials of natural stone countertops are generally marble and granite. Granite is volcanic rock, and the patterns are mainly pitted, dense, hard, bright and textured; Marble is stratified rock, with veins, beautiful, but relatively soft and weathered. Granite is preferred for the table, and its hardness is better than that of marble


scope of use: generally applicable to the dining area, sink area and cooking area. If you regularly use the countertop to prepare food or there are children who like to help in the kitchen at home, the laminated countertop is a good choice, because it is moisture-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch resistant

style: the surface of laminate can accurately imitate the surface texture of other materials, such as granite, slate and wood, and the effect is realistic

maintenance: it is very easy to maintain, just use neutral detergent

seal: not required

durability: it can withstand high temperature pans and will not absorb spilled wine, oil and hot drinks. The laminate table can even withstand scratching and chemical corrosion, and the hard and smooth surface is easy to keep clean. If it is used as a table for cutting vegetables on the cutting board, it should be thicker to withstand greater pressure and ensure its service life

flexibility: it is the only table material that can be DIY cut

special tips: its base material is density board, and its surface layer is fireproof material and decorative veneer. It needs to use refractory board veneer, PVC veneer and metal strip edge sealing to cover the cross-section wooden base material. At the junction of corner table, there is a lack of effective treatment means, and silicone bonding, plastic and special metal embedding are usually used to increase beauty. In addition, the length of fireproof board is limited like that of natural stone, and it is difficult to connect the cross-section. No matter whether Silicone Adhesion or metal strip caulking is used, the overall perfect seamless splicing cannot be achieved. These gaps are naturally bacterial dirt “ Hotbed ” Yes

solid wood

scope of use: solid wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. It is most suitable for use in the dining area and dining area that will not have too much oil stain or encounter water for a long time, such as the island workbench or breakfast table. Oak is still the preferred material, and teak is more suitable for use around the sink because it contains more oil and can be waterproof. Solid wood countertops should not be used in open fire environment. If you are used to using induction cooker, you can choose

style: the warm solid wood has beautiful wood grain, which is suitable for use in kitchens of various styles. Even in modern cold style kitchens that use a lot of glass or stainless steel materials, the addition of solid wood will also give you a warm feeling

maintenance: solid wood is naturally antibacterial and relatively hygienic. When there is seasoning juice and fruit juice sprinkled on it, wipe it off immediately to avoid being dyed

sealing protection: regular grease sealing maintenance is required, otherwise scratches are likely to occur. After the initial installation, paint with linseed oil to prevent excessive drying. It needs to be painted once a day in the first week, and once a week in the next month, and then lengthen the interval to once a month, and adhere to it for one year

durability: if you insist on careful maintenance and timely sealing protection, the service life of the solid wood table is very long. Be careful not to use it directly as a cutting board, or directly heat the pot on it, otherwise it will burn

flexibility: wood is easy to cut, suitable for kitchen space with irregular shape

special note: rough and plain wood, with some natural knots and small surface defects, is very popular in modern kitchen decoration

artificial stone

scope of use: the surface of artificial stone is smooth and hard, which is the most common surface of kitchen countertops. It can be used in any area of the cabinet, as well as special areas such as the edge of the sink and the kitchen counter. Artificial stone is not afraid of soaking in water, especially suitable for wet places

style: the color of artificial stone is very rich. Dark gray and blue are very beautiful in modern kitchens. If it is the style of traditional kitchens, you can match it with neutral colors such as cream

maintenance: because the artificial stone has no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it. Generally, stains can be wiped off with a soft wet cloth and neutral detergent. If there is colored wine, juice and seasoning sprinkled on the table, it is still necessary to wipe it off immediately, so as not to leave traces for a long time. If you leave stains that are difficult to remove due to carelessness in use, you can consult the manufacturer to regrind the surface, and you can still get a bright as new effect

sealing protection: not required

durability: artificial stone is more durable and strong than natural stone. Its color runs through the inside and outside, so scratches can be removed by grinding. Although it can withstand a high temperature of 250 degrees, it is recommended to use a pot pad instead of putting the hot pot directly on the table

flexibility: it can be cut into any shape, and can be seamlessly bonded with any length. The two pieces of adhesive with the same material will be bonded and polished into one, and there is no trace at the joint

special tips: artificial stones can be produced into embedded sinks, water stops and sewers to achieve a seamless combination. Because the surface is usually customized, the dimension measurement should be very accurate, and professional personnel are required to install it. If the cabinet is made in an irregular shape, a template is needed to avoid too much deviation

according to the above analysis, the majority of owners can choose suitable kitchen countertops according to the actual situation at home and personal preferences





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