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The balcony is connected with the room

due to the limitation of living area, the owners of small houses often pile washing machines or some sundries on the balcony, and over time, the balcony becomes a pile of sundries. Therefore, for small houses, planning functional space is very important

if you really want to increase the indoor space, connect the balcony with the bedroom. Choosing floor to ceiling windows will not only keep the feeling of the balcony, but also have strong privacy and decorative effect. In the initial stage of decoration, choosing the same floor for the bedroom and the small balcony will have more continuity. Under the French window, there are two shaped chairs and a tea table. Drinking tea and reading books are very enjoyable

balcony turns into study

small houses generally do not have independent study. If you connect the balcony with the bedroom, a bookshelf can make it an independent study. Fixed bookshelves, or furniture connected to bookshelves and desks, can be installed on one side against the wall, and tea tables and chairs can be placed on the other side. The feeling of a study plus a small meeting room is immediately presented

it would be great if you could customize a suitable bookshelf by yourself. Dark brown spruce wood has a very natural taste and takes up a small space, which is more suitable for placing on the balcony

create the third washing area

if the area outside the kitchen also has a small balcony, you might as well put a locker in the corner of the balcony that is easy to clean the appearance and store some unused items. You can also move the housework of cleaning mops and drying clothes here, so that even if the area of the kitchen and bathroom is small, for daily cleaning work, there is no need to put a washing basin in the kitchen that is completely incompatible with the design style

leisure area is the highlight

the main function of the balcony is to let the host get rid of the indoor closed environment, breathe outdoor fresh air, bask in the sun, drink some tea, and have a wonderful time. Therefore, at the beginning of decoration, the construction material of the balcony needs to be considered in advance

balcony should be avoided in modeling " Surrounded "e; The structure should be transparent as far as possible. Antirust painted railings and anticorrosive wood are the best choices. Reflective materials, such as porcelain chips and strip bricks, should be used as little as possible for decoration. I believe no one wants to be stimulated by sharp light when the sun is bright

natural materials can integrate the balcony with the outdoor environment, such as unpolished natural stones, including rubble slate, burnt stone, cobbles, etc., which are suitable for the wall and ground. In order not to make the balcony feel too hard, you can also use some logs appropriately. It is best to choose the original wood board or wood square with hard material

balcony with small area can be decorated with small decorative wall bricks or rubble slabs to highlight the leisure function of the balcony. The balcony with larger area can be decorated with small pieces of cultural stones or narrow wall tiles with rich texture. The spacious balcony can also use logs to make strip benches and walls, which will be your ideal place to rest




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