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1. Popular style: simple and fresh, natural materials

this autumn, the popular trend of home decoration has gradually changed from the bright Southeast Asian style to the simple North American style. People increasingly like "mixed oil" decoration, because the "mixed oil" decoration with North American style is clear and bright, making the room appear transparent and broad, and the mixed oil color is rich, Indoor colors can be arranged at will. For consumers, this kind of decoration can also greatly reduce the cost and be economical

natural materials have gradually become a favorite. Among them, logs, without gorgeous colors, without too much decoration, and with natural materials, are really a healthy fashion choice. Another example is the marble, granite, maple, beech, ash, etc. of natural stones. These materials come from nature and also reflect the modern design concept of people-oriented and nature oriented

2. Door jamb line: silver gray and white replace log color

if you are still buying black walnut and cherry wood for door and window jamb lines and corner lines, stop it quickly! In the past, people deliberately exaggerated and complicated the door and window casing lines to distinguish them from the walls. Now the popular trend is to hide the door and window casing lines as much as possible. First, the width is narrowed. The uneven lines were popular in the previous door and window casing lines, and now the most popular is flat plates

in terms of color, people used to buy black walnut and cherry wood as finishes. After painting, dark door and window sheaths are very eye-catching at home. Now, most designers will design the door and window sleeve lines in white, and the cooler one is silver gray. Just use ordinary plywood as the facing, and then paint it with mixed paint, which is cheap and modern

3. Sauna board as ceiling and floor

a naturalistic trend has always dominated the trend of home decoration. People hope to enjoy the idyllic pleasure of being in their own homes, and many outdoor boards have begun to be internalized. The outdoor anti-corrosion floor is paved on the balcony, and the sauna board is used as the ceiling of the bathroom, which is paved on the floor of the bathroom, making the bathroom that was originally paved with floor tiles look cold and stiff. Surrounded by the wooden floor that was originally only used for sauna, the bathers seem to be in the countryside

4. Wall tiles: get rid of cold faces

in the home market this autumn, ceramic tiles may be the most restless factor, and they are trying to subvert the shiny and cold traditional image in people's minds. Nowadays, the wall brick designers use the waist line incisively and vividly, and the texture of the brick surface imitates stone and wood, which also makes the kitchen and bathroom of the wall brick better integrate with the whole room. Matte bricks help the trend of imitation. Walking in the ceramic tile area of Lanjing Lijia, Dazhong temple, the reporter found that matte bricks account for a considerable proportion of the wall brick products in the bathroom this autumn. Consumers tend to inlay matte bricks in the bathroom and bathroom, and use bright bricks in the kitchen. The reason is that the bright brick is relatively easy to take care of, while the matte brick has more room to play in the design of the brick surface, and it also looks more elegant on the whole

5. The color of laminate floor is gorgeous

in our impression, the floor is the background of home, and it should not jump out to steal the spotlight. Moreover, the colors we can choose in the floor are extremely limited, just beech yellow and walnut black. But with the development of laminate flooring, we see more and more colors and textures that do not exist in trees, such as blue, gray, and parquet patterns, which make the floor jump out of the background and provide more possibilities for a better home

the popular fashion of laminate flooring this autumn has got rid of people's impression of wood flooring in the past. The imitation of other materials, the bold choice of colors and the splicing of patterns have made laminate flooring give full play to its greatest advantages and characteristics and develop in a more personalized direction. This richer change not only opens a new window for the development of laminate flooring, but also provides a broader choice space for people's personalized consumption

6. Wall faucet

nowadays, people are busy at work, and they all hope to enjoy full rest at home. If the home is messy, it will affect people's mood, and sometimes the problem of doing housework will also cause husband and wife quarrels, so the best way is to consider future cleaning problems when decorating, and more use of "lazy decoration method" can reduce a lot of cleaning time and times. The popularity of wall faucets also shows that the "lazy decoration method" is very marketable

if the faucet is exposed, its downpipe is also exposed, which is easy to accumulate dirt and affect the appearance. It is clean and tidy when it is built in the wall. You can make basin faucets and shower faucets into the wall. In order to reduce the trouble of maintenance in the future, you must buy brand faucets with reliable quality

7. Glass materials are becoming more and more popular

from the perspective of home decoration as a whole, although glass is still in a subsidiary position, it has unique advantages such as transparency, lightness and space expansion. Moreover, with the development of glass making technology, the increase of glass types and the standard of glass punching technology, glass has a great tendency to "usurp" and become the main material of home decoration

tempered glass is made of flat glass after special treatment. It has great strength, which is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. It has good impact resistance, bending resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat resistance. Even if it is damaged, it is a small fragment without acute angle, which can greatly reduce the damage to human body. Therefore, it is most suitable to make all kinds of bathing utensils. The reporter visited several building materials cities and found that the vast majority of glass baths on the market are tempered glass products. Glass basins are popular, with a very complete variety, including three types: on stage basins, off stage basins and Taichung basins, with a thickness ranging from 15 to 19 mm

8. Curved cabinets have a unique style

the current kitchen pattern is mostly rectangular, so most of the cabinets designed by people are L-shaped and U-shaped, and the appearance of the cabinets is also a neat plane. As the open integrated kitchen is accepted by more and more fashion people, this regular style has become a little stiff, so curved, circular, triangular, and semicircular cabinets began to appear. Curvilinear and circular cabinets are only suitable for open kitchens. If this kind of kitchen is designed in a closed rectangular space, then the space is wasted and impractical

9. Home color: harmony and anti harmony

in today's world, there is no middle ground, only two poles. At one end, there are soft colors, such as pure blue and natural white, which bring a quiet feeling to life, easy to grasp and use, rich in changes and make people feel harmonious and happy. These colors are suitable for the kind of unobtrusive and comfortable lifestyle; On the other end, there are striking colors, such as charming metal texture, frivolous and naughty orange and bright pink; They are unique, shocking and full of contradictions. These tension colors are eye-catching and playful. These colors belong to the kind of ostentatious and high-profile lifestyle that seeks public attention

10. Humanization of lighting

the biggest feature of the lighting market this autumn is humanization. In order to facilitate consumers' purchase, the lamp accessories market has been divided into functional segments: Student lights, writing lights, emergency lights, fluorescent lights, Xiaguang lights, dinner lights, floor lights of different heights and other new products. Moreover, home lighting reflects the style of advocating nature and caters to people's psychology of returning to simplicity and advocating nature. According to the survey, 30% of the lighting adopts natural modeling design, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fishtail table lamp, peach shaped lamp, horse and other small animal modeling lamps, and various wooden art sculptures, which is no less than real handicrafts. The lampshade is widely made of paper, wood, yarn, and carved with patterns such as Chang'e flying to the moon and fairy descending to earth, which combines art with practice

energy saving lamps are also very popular with consumers. For example, the longevity energy-saving lamp adopts 3LED core power, and the brightness can be selected according to needs. At the same time, the wide use of new energy-saving bulbs has also become the technical mainstream of lamp products. Environmental protection is a brand-new topic of lamp production technology, which shows that people attach importance to the living environment of the room. Relevant people believe that this is the main development direction of home lighting in the future




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