Three tips to help you choose the right decoration

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How to choose a suitable decoration company? The following three methods can be used for reference by owners:

determine the company's qualification

choose enterprises with business licenses and building decoration enterprise qualification certificates issued by relevant departments. Among them, these certificates are issued by departments at different levels according to different levels. For example, first-class enterprises are issued by the Ministry of construction. Generally speaking, decoration companies with qualification certificates above level 4 can serve the decorated families well. It is suggested that when checking the qualification of the company, the owner should better look at the original or copy, not just the copy, and check whether there is “ on the business license of the decoration company; Annual inspection qualification seal &rdquo

field consultation

first of all, you can inquire about the company's reputation through other channels. However, door-to-door inspection is the most important, especially pay attention to the details, which can show the strength of the company to a certain extent, such as observing its office space and the mental outlook of employees; Look at the relevant rules and regulations of the company

the management system of designers, supervisors and construction foremen, and the management system of materials, construction and acceptance are the premise to ensure the quality of the project. The design of office space can reflect the design power and style of the company from one side

visit the construction site

after consulting many pictures on the Internet, I believe that the owner has a certain concept of the decoration style he wants. Visiting the real scene of the model room can make the owner have a more specific concept of the effect of their decoration. When the owner goes to the construction site, it is suggested to select the unfinished decoration company, so that their construction quality and management level can be inspected from many aspects





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